Konnext™ OneAdapter™ Twist Featuring on Engadget.com


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Konnext™ is excited that the new OneAdapter™ Twist modular travel power system being featured on Engadget.com.

".Konnext's OneAdapter Twist, however, caters to the slightly lazier travelers: It's essentially a chunky all-in-one travel adapter that sits atop any MacBook charger, though it also works just fine by itself. To switch plugs, simply twist the ring in the middle until it clicks. There's also a 2.4A USB socket (PlugBug's is only 2.1A), and if you need more, you can slot an optional three-socket USB hub in between."

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The Konnext™ OneAdapter Twist series will be launched in June 2014, sign up and we shall keep you closely informed on its availability, follow below link to subscribe to Konnext™ news:

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