OneAdapter™ Twist™ series of universal travel adapters are finally here!

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Introducing the OneAdapter Twist™ Plus+, the world first all-in-one travel adapter designed for use with all Apple Macbook computers that use MagSafe adapter and the OneAdapter Twist™, one of the world most compact universal travel adapter available..

Optional USB charger with up to 2.4A output power, universal AC outlet ensuring all your electronics are fully charged on your next trip!

The wait is finally over, we are excited to announce the popular OneAdapter™ Twist™ series of the most advanced travel adapters are in stock and ready to ship!

Learn more about OneAdapter™ Twist™ Plus+

Learn more about OneAdapter™ Twist™

For more information and sample ordering inquiries regarding the OneAdapter™ Twist™ Plus+ and OneAdapter™ Twist™, please contact

For more information, please contact

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